Air freight transportation provides access to the global market from different corners of the world, faster and easier. International air transportation plays a significant role in linking customers with global trade. Tan Air International Transportation, with its IATA membership and a wide network of agents worldwide, provides a significant role in linking our valued customers with global trade at high transportation standards.


- The custom procedures at the airport are simplified and quicker,
- The inspection of the goods is usually done while the customs documentation  is being checked,
- There is a h
igh level of security, therefore the risk of theft or damage is reduced,

- The arrival and departure times are highly reliable.



Container Ship

Sea freight can connect continents and carry heavy cargo at an affordable price. With sea freight, there are quite a few products that transport cannot be easily carried out through other means of transport. Ranging from palletized grains, minerals, raw or semi-raw products to dangerous goods, sea transport is the most viable option when delivery times are not critical. Tan Air will be with its customers at every step of the way to serve the best quality and arrange a successful delivery of the goods.


- Marine vessels have the capacity to accommodate big masses of goods, of different kinds, shapes, and volumes,
- Due to the low consumption of fuel, sea freight is one of the best options to keep the costs down,
- Some ocean liners are certified for transporting dangerous goods and are also providing temperature controlled containers.


When it comes to exporting goods and products across the globe, road transportation still remains to be one of the best transport methods. Tan Air provides the most appropriate, fast and reliable service to its customers with its experienced team and strong service quality. Your materials reach the desired destination in a timely and robust manner.


- The goods or the parcels will be delivered on a specific destination without using another means of transportation to do it,
- Road transportation provides to clients to transport their goods at a faster rate,

- Road transport is more cost effective than other transport methods,



An efficient international rail freight requires good interconnections between countries. Tan Air International Transport generates coherent coordination of corridors between countries to ensure secure rail transportation.


- Rail freight rates are by far more convenient than the costs of another mode of transport,

- The rail freight transport is a safer option for your goods,

- It imposes no limitation to the load that can be carried,

- It is an environmentally friendly option.


Project shipments are the organization and transportation of heavy and oversized materials with reliable types of equipment. The main goal of project shipment planning is to transport oversized cargo with the utmost safety and cost-effective way. It may contain a combination of different modes, routes, and arrangements than a regular cargo would require. Tan Air, with its team specialized in project transportation, makes the most suitable and fast planning for its customers and provides materials to reach the desired destination in a robust way.


- The project cargo needs preplanning, therefore it leads to the benefit for customers where they can easily have complete knowledge about how to decrease needless expenditures upfront,

- In project transportation, companies can easily transport their heavy and loaded materials anywhere in the world in a planned matter.